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Things to do in Greece

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Discover things to do in Greece – The sun kissing city is inviting and ready to embrace the new tourist

Home isn’t a place for you, but for you a feeling. Discover amazing things to do in Greece the sun kissing the city is inviting and ready to embrace the new tourist. This is for all my fellow travelers, globetrotters, and for those who believe that the whole world is their home. Patience and tolerance until Greece wasn’t opened. The wait is often rewarded sweetly and it is always a good thing to wait. The passionate traveler is presently feeling nostalgic. things to do in Greece

Backpacking is the coolest thing in the world for my travel junkies. The thought of the journey arouses this indescribable feeling inside you, and only satisfaction to your exciting body. The globetrotter always hunts for unforgettable experiences and feels enthusiastic about adventure. The wanderlust lover always feels like each experience makes them grow more and reaches new heights.

Greece was the first one to open boundaries for tourism

So let us see what Greece the sun kissing the city is inviting and ready to embrace the new tourist. .GREECE, Visitors from 29 permitted countries will be able to enter Greece via direct flights to Athens and to Thessaloniki, a city in the north starting June 15, 2020. “our aim is to be able to welcome every tourist who has overcome their fear and has the ability to travel to our country, stated minister of tourism. Greece has been praised for largely controlling its COVID-19 outbreak, thanks in part to ordering a lockdown early on. If you think COVID-19 can refrain your travel to Greece then please do not unpack your ideas or excitement.

Greece, more than 24 million tourists visit and is much in vogue by all.

The greek culture, Mediterranean climate, historical monuments, islands and art galleries, and museums. ATHENS is the archaic city of Greece which will make you travel to the golden era of SOCRATES, PLATO, the teacher of Aristotle. Plato is known as “THE FATHER OF WESTERN PHILOSOPHY”.Athens is the birthplace of western civilization. There are several interesting historical sites and monuments but the best are the ACROPOLIS and DAPHNE MONASTERY are the UNESCO world heritage sites.


THE ACROPOLIS-This monument teaches and expresses the rise and fall of civilization and should be called “THE LESSONS FOR MANKIND”.The monument has stand stood at earthquakes and wars. This refers to our faith in GOD. ACROPOLIS is the accelerated fortified limestone plateau in the center of Athens. There are several other monuments around it. One shall have an immense deep feeling of peeping back in time where the work was based on errorless theoretical and scholarly foundations.

The world heritage site is very cautiously protected as millions of visitors have pathways and special arrangements for old and disabled people. The site is also used to study earthquakes. While sitting on top do not miss the temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, the Parthenon, the famous and Theoden of Herodes Atticus, and the Theater of Dionysus. It much visited site by the large audience, the prior booking will help you jump the lines and combination tickets to as well as six other historical sites: the Ancient Agora, the Roman Agora, Hadrian’s Library, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Keramiekos, and the Aristotle’s School. Discover Greece things to do


1) National Archaeological Museum,

2) Byzantine and Christian Museum

3) Athens university

4) Museum of Cycladic art

5) Metropolitan Cathedral

6) Stao of Attalos

7) Jewish museum

8) Areopagus

9) Greek folk art museum

10) Sea breeze

11) Plateia syntagmatos

12) Voula beach

13) Pandrossou

14) Ermou street

15) Angelos and the Katakouzen

16) Taf the art foundation

17) Mount Lycabettus

Authentic Greek food one can taste ever!

Charcoal-grilled meat and meat roasted are never to be missed when in Greece.. Souvlaki, chunks of skewered pork, is still Greece’s favorite fast food, served on chopped tomatoes and onions in pitta bread with lashings of tzatziki. Gyros, too, is popularly served in the same way. Discover Greece things to do

1) Greek olives and olive oil

2) Taramasalata

3) Dolmades

4) Moussaka

5) Grilled meat

6) Fresh fish

7) Courgette balls (kolokythokeftedes)

8) Octopus

9) Feta and Cheeses

10) Honey and Baklava

Greek has plethora to offer souveniers to bring back memories being packed for loved ones or make it one of the best trip.Women especially feel tour incomplete without shopping.Men usually incomplete without authentic cuisines and night life with or without high spirits.From vintage stuff and antique items that can make your eyes hooked up to and trendy stuff will make your hands grab few.Flea markets are also a great option to pick stylish stuff without digging much in wallets.

Patriarchou Ioakim can even miscalculate your shopping budget as you will be trapped by not only vintage but also luxury items.The Retrosexual vintage shop has a large collection of vintage stuff where foreigners take back a handful stuff .The Kilo shop here represents shopping freaks who looks for buying in bulk or in large quantity.So this shop shouldn’t be missed who are looking for business or wants to take home a bag full of clothes or shoes.

Discover Greece things to do- Shopping at its best

  1. Retrosexual Vintage Shop
  2. Graffito
  3. ERGON
  4. Patriarchou Ioakim
  5. Flea market Monastiráki
  6. Protogenous Street
  7. Forget Me Not
  8. Kilo-Shop

Top choice bar in Syntagma & Plaka

  1. The Clumsies

Top choice bar in Monastiraki & Psyrri

  1. Noel

Every café, bistro, club, or wine will make your content as some with vintage furniture, some authentic cafes, and brews, while some rare Caribbean rums and some with the selected corners of handpicked books. CHA –CHA-CHA, A tango dance for all those who are fond of dancing to the music anywhere and anytime at ERMOU street.

A few years ago an Athenian couple placed a portable stereo and started dancing, Gradually people started joining and adding. Now each Monday, “STREET DANCINGMILONGA” is organized.

So put on your shoes for dancing and have fun to the fullest in Athens.

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