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Europe Tourism is back!

Europe Tourism is back! WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY! All my dear travelholic friends are suffering from tripophobia, but here are the new updates that this time there will be a no bridge over the water, but the air bridge to connect the map.

Quarantine free holidays as declared to Greece, Portugal, and Spain:-

YEP! You got it right, all those who will return to the U.K. (united kingdom) will not have to get quarantine. All the European destinations are lifting up borders just to welcome tourists. As mesmerizing beauties of all the European tourism destinations are awaiting its awesome visitors. Air bridges are still expected to be agreed upon with the countries by the end of June. As per the times, even Bermuda, Gibraltar, and the British Virgin Islands are also planning in opening for tourists.

As per Radio 4, there are also planning to make travelers at ease by terminating the quarantine policy on arrival in the U.K. This is the peak time for Europe tourism season to travel from June –September, as millions of tourists come to visit Europe. It’s every women’s dream to have a European holiday at least once in a life span. The weather, beauty, palace, food, and culture in all perfect to make you fall in love.

Europe tourism (GREECE)

Greece is one of the top choices for tourists. The vision is clear that Greece is ready, post-COVID-19 to welcome tourists. Rich tradition, picturesque beaches with blue flags award, a great history, spectacular islands in all a perfect holiday that one can’t afford to miss. You will have a range of experiences of a walk-in history, golden beaches, safe resorts for family and kids, exciting adventurous but safe activities for adults and kids, and pristine beaches to relax. You could also indulge in spas to rejuvenate and extend your holidays too.

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Just to name a few outlines of Greece’s top destinations, one can visit Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Corfu Islands, the Rhodes of Dodecanese, Costa Navarino, and many others to name. Just discuss a package tour, various discounts for free passes to museums, and parks with the tour operators. All the countries are discussing ways for tourists for Europe tourism to have travel corridors but as well as safety is the ultimate priority and not importing the virus back. Hence Spain is determined to follow 14 days quarantine for U.K. visitors.

The EU is making travel just at your fingertips with a techie app. This app is real-time help and will give you exact information like when, where, and what to do in a particular place. Among these masks, health certificates and social distancing are to be followed. With the innovative techie app, one can find access to shops, hotels, and museums timings and open or whether are safe to go.

Europe tourism (SPAIN)

Spain has been everyone’s favorite on the bucket list, hence the second place is mostly visited by travelers. To support the visitors the Spain Government is giving a thought to easing ITS QUARANTINE POLICY, to support the travel and hotel industry. These two industries have suffered a lot due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Prime minister Pedro Sanchez has said he wants Spain to establish reciprocal “safe corridors” with other countries in Europe, so long as “they don’t bring risks to our country”.

More than 80 million visitors spend their holidays in Spain. This year it’s unclear as people are worried to travel. But the government is supporting to follow strict rules for the safety of visitors and still a question of whether British foreigners will be able to visit Spain. It is coherent to plan summer vacations in Spain this July, says Reyes Maroto, the Tourism Minister.

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The top attractions to fascinate you in Spain are Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville, Ronda, Galera, Valencia, Bilbao, Cadaques, Huesca, Jerez de la Frontera, are few on a list. There are many more interesting places with history, beaches, museums, etc. To amaze you with beauty, nightlife, orange trees, bullfight, the alcazar, the great food with wine, Disney inspiration, natural beauty, great monuments, etc.

Europe tourism (PORTUGAL)

Portugal is anytime an enthralling getaway for tourists. As it never fails to offer you lots of memories with the oldest bookstore, hiking, wine tours, beautiful landscapes, history, culture, extensive vineyards with the world best wine, the paradise of music festivals will charm you with serenity. Let’s see a few of the interesting places to grab your excitement and curiosity. Algarve, Nazare, Oceanoria De Lisboa, Livraria Bertrand, Furnas Lake, Peneda Geres National Park, Sade Estuary, Egg tarts, etc.


Portugal always welcomes tourists from all walks of life and in return. You will never regret visiting this beautiful place. Portugal was the first to lift its borders and welcome tourist said Augusto Santos Silva among the other continents. Portugal’s health responds well, hence ready to embrace its visitors. Connect to IMAD Travels for commitment to safe holidays.

So what’s stopping you from packing your bags and explore Europe tourism packages, hey let’s make down the list, the best tour operator to make a memorable one.