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Umrah packages from Hyderabad-2021

IMAD Travel provides Umrah packages from Hyderabad, Umrah visas with an outstanding reputation in the city.Book Best Umrah Tour packages-9959777776

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Bismillah Ar Rahman Nr Raheem

Umrah Explained in Fewer than 160 words

Umrah is smaller than the Hajj pilgrimage. One can do umrah in any month around the year. There is no specific time or month to perform umrah while Hajj pilgrimage is done once in a year in the month of Zi ul Haj. Umrah is performed on Four ritual acts.

1. The very first thing is named “Ehraam” which are two white large fabrics men are supposed to cover the entire body with it.

2. “Tawaf” it is a compulsory act of circling the Kabah (the oldest stone that was constructed and re-built by prophets as the house of worship.

3. is “S’ay” when we move quickly between two sacred hills known as Safa and Marwah seven times. In the end,

4. “Taqsir” or “Halq” is the process of shaving men’s hair. Comparatively, umrah takes short time can be done every day in 3-4hours or more in your stay, whereas, Hajj is a long journey.

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Mecca Kabaah

Why Umrah with  IMAD Travel

We are grateful to Allah SWT for the honor of helping many pilgrims over the last 8 years of experience to perform Umrah. The popularity of our Best Umrah packages from hyderabad means that they are amongst the first in the country to sell out completely, so registering interest early is essential to secure your place. Our Best Umrah Tour packages have been created by us to offer the highest levels of comfort, convenience and value for money. Complete the form below to apply digitally  (online service) and we will inform you of the best deals as they become available

Desire to get the Experience of Visiting Kabaah?

IMAD Travels brings the richest experience through its different range of Umrah Packages. Take the best amenities with extravagant accommodations within your religious journey. IMAD Travels’ Premium Umrah package provides a prolific journey with exclusive only services and multiples sight-seeing option. IMAD Travel Umrah teams are prepared to plan the umrah at your preferred time & budget according to the family convenience. We would love to craft your umrah package every month of this year 2019-2020. Our widely favorite packages include standard umrah, deluxe umrah premium umrah (for all of those passengers who are bothered with accommodation quality, we offer clock tower or similar 5* hotels). We humbly recommend our customers to feel free to contact us before their preferred dates, so, we can make all the necessary agreements/arrangements without any trouble. We understand the family requirements and, so we provide the best range of umrah tour which will make you feel comfortable to travel throughout the stay at mecca & Madina. Take our Umrah tour packages, and we guarantee you that you cannot get anything to mind throughout your spiritual journey.

umrah tour packages hyderabad-imadtravel
Madinah-Masjide Nabwi

IMAD Travel offers Best Umrah packages in Hyderabad 2021

Tour Types Standard Umrah Tour Deluxe Umrah Tour Premium Umrah Tour
Mecca Hotels Hotel Tharwat Almonsia /similar (700mtrs.) Hotel Almaqam Housing Center/ similar (80mtrs) Hotel Swissotel AL Maqam
Clock Tower (0mtrs)
Madinah Hotels Hotel Mawadda Altaqwa / similar (80mts.) Hotel Mawadda Al Safwa/ similar (50mtrs) Hotel Elaf Grand Almajeedi / similar (0mtrs)
Inclusive: • E-visa
• Hyd-Jeddah-Hyd Ticket
• Airport Transfers and Ziyaraat
• 4-5 Hajis in a Room
• Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Hyderabad Cusine)
• E-visa
• Hyd-Jeddah-Hyd Ticket
• Airport Transfers and Ziyaraat
• 4-5 Hajis in a Room
• Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Hyderabad Cusine)
• E-visa
• Hyd-Jeddah-Hyd Ticket
• Airport Transfers and Ziyaraat
• 2- Hajis in a Room
• Breakfast
Price: INR 64900/- INR 84900/- INR 96900/-
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