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Singapore Tourist Visa Checklist

  • Passport
  • Form 14A filled & signed as per passport – attached
  • Additional information sheet filled – attached
  • Correct recent photos – many cases are refused just because of the old photos sent. please take care.
  • Covering letter – if pax is a businessman here he has to give his letter in his letter head only ( irrespective of the reason of travel )
  • proof of occupation – if pax is a businessman then company registration or GST or Memorandum or PArtnership deed ( whichever is applicable )
  • proof of finance – bank statement of the person or company who is taking care of the expenses
  • pax travelling alone ( in particular ladies or youngsters ), please take additional documents like NOC from parents or spouse with their signature proof & proof of finance who is sponsoring the trip
  • if invited by somebody in SIN – then invitation + passport copy + SIN card copy is must
  • phone number of pax is must.
  • ticket
  • Processing 4 to 5 days

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